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Aug 1, 2018
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10 Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

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We often classify ourselves as either “cat people” or “dog people,” and rarely is there a happy medium where dog people respect the fact that cats are just…better (wait, did I just give myself away as a biased cat person?). Anyway, listen up, dog lovers: go ahead and brag on “man’s best friend,” but on behalf of all cat lovers, I think we could all take a hint from our feline friends. Cats sleep all day, they always find the best spots to sunbathe, and they are self-assured enough to know when they want to be pet and when they want to be left alone. If someone you know resonates with that cat lifestyle, spoils their own cats rotten, and is a dedicated cat mom/cat dad, then check out the gifts I’ve selected for them below.

Zen Cats: Meditations for the Wise Minds of Cat Lovers

One of the best lessons a cat can teach us is how to relax. Think about it: one minute they’re asleep on a couch pillow; the next they’re asleep in a sunbeam; and you turn around the next minute to find them sleeping on the kitchen counter. What better way to remind your cat-loving friends to slow down, practice mindfulness and remember what really matters in life than to combine timeless sayings from the Buddha himself with photos of the very animals that embody the concept of “Zen”?

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Office Mood Cards For Cat Lovers

Coworkers, clients, and customers will all get a good laugh out of these (scarily accurate) office mood cards featuring…you guessed it…cats! With 20 cards to choose from, you’re sure to find one to suit whatever you’re feeling in a given day. My personal favorite in the collection is the “bad hair day” card (it’s too relatable). Trust me, click the link and check it out for a good laugh. And if you don’t get a laugh out of the cards, the distributor even offers a refund.

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“Best Cat Mom Ever” Rude Cat Mug

Cats are sassy…it’s common knowledge. It’s only fitting, then, that the person who needs this mug not only loves her cats, but probably is exceptionally sassy prior to her morning coffee consumption. I can relate to this on a deeply personal level. Although perhaps a little edgy for the kids, this mug is sure to get some laughs at the office.

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Show Me Your Kitties Wine Glass

Cat lovers and wine go together like sports bars and…well…something that rhymes with kitties. This durable, dishwasher safe glass gives cat people the permission to do what they love most in the world – show off their fur babies. It’s the perfect vessel for red wine, white wine, rosé, and everything in between.

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Cat Butt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book for Cat Lovers

If you’ve spent any amount of time around cats, you’ll probably recall at least one instance where you came in close contact with a furry cat booty. Someone out there resonated with the fact that cats always seem to be presenting their butts to the world, and so this off-color coloring book was born. Although intended for all audiences, I really see this gift going over well with your mildly inappropriate, cat-loving aunt or even grandma.

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Cat Butt Magnets

OK, what did I just tell you? Cat butts are a THING, my friends. Cat-loving inner-circles know this to be true. The cat butt is iconic. For those who can’t get enough of the real thing (I know…I know…there’s really no politically correct way to say this so just go with it), what better way to enshrine the hilarity of cat butts than by plastering them all over your fridge?

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Texts from Mittens the Cat 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

If cats could talk…we can only begin to imagine what they would tell us. That’s where Mittens the cat comes in! Based on a popular blog and book by the same title, this 365-day calendar features concocted “conversations” between Mittens and his owner. Each morning when you tear away a new sheet, you’ll get a good laugh as you learn how Mittens (and probably your own cat) feels about chewing on phone chargers, leaving fur all over your work blazer, and more. There are quick games/puzzles/lists on the back of each calendar page as well for added fun as you tear off a new calendar page each day.

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Put a feline twist on a timeless board game classic with Cat-Opoly! 2-6 cat lovers can play at once, so there’s plenty of fun to go around. The graphics alone are enough to keep a room entertained on game night. I find traditional Monopoly to be a bit dry these days, so I think buying cats instead of property is a much more motivating investment situation.

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Cat Ring Dish

For the more sophisticated cat enthusiast, this ring dish is an understated yet elegant way to add feline flair to your trinkets. Of course, you’re not limited to rings on this ceramic dish – you can use it for earrings, snacks, soap, or maybe even cat treats.

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Cat Ear Headbands

Halloween, crazy hair day at school, concerts, prom, and the vet are just a few places where these headbands are nothing short of a necessary accessory for any dedicated cat lover. These metal ears feature rhinestone-rimmed ears because nothing sparkles more than your love for your cat (too far?…nah!). Choose from silver and gold finishes so you’ll always match your jewelry to the piece that matters most – your very own ears.

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It’s amazing how many meow-velous cat-centric gifts exist out there. There is something for every kind of cat lover in the list above, from the classy to the crass. Cat people are pretty easy to please. Just bring us presents that remind us of our cats or better yet, bring us another cat! I guess I’ll go back and add that to the list. Happy shopping!

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