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Aug 1, 2018
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10 Pawesome Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Dogs – like their owners – come in all shapes, sizes, and collars. I knew when I picked this list of dog-friendly gifts that I would need to sniff out a variety of things to suit all dogs and their doting pet parents. Whether your dog is a little ruff around the edges, a little on the husky side, or simply pawesome, you’ll find something fun for them in the list below. Don’t take your most faithful friend fur granted; treat them to a gift they deserve.

K9 Bath Buddy for Dogs

At first glance, the K9 Bath Buddy looks like…well…nothing. It’s just a piece of durable silicone with a suction cup on the back, right? WRONG. Spread a little peanut butter on the Bath Buddy, stick it to your tub or shower wall, and let your pup enjoy a tasty treat while the tap water runs. This gift is truly genius because lots of dogs are not big fans of running water, soap, cleanliness, and all the other things that come along with the dreaded B-A-T-H, but this will keep them occupied while you get them squeaky clean.

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Pooch Selfie

Nothing says, “I love my dog” like a candid (or, not-so-candid) photo of you and your faithful friend posted on the ‘gram. Sometimes, however, your fur baby is a little more camera shy than you are. Don’t let that good hair day go to waste. Instead, bribe your pooch with this smartphone accessory that will hold his attention long enough to snap the perfect profile picture. The squeaky ball actually detaches from the plastic case attachment, so that playtime is built into your photo ops!

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Highwave AutoDogMug

Hikers, walkers, travelers, and backpackers should not be subjected to another weekend adventure without this AutoDogMug in hand. Going for a hike with your pup? This is just as easy and convenient as bringing your own water on the trails. Save precious water by squeezing just enough out of the bottle to fill the detachable bowl top, then release the squeeze and save the rest for later.

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Cooling Dog Bed

There seems to be some science going on in this dog bed design that I don’t feel like dissecting; but a bed that says it wicks away heat and sweat using au natural H20, provides a cool and refreshing surface to sleep on, and can even help comfort pets with skin conditions or arthritis is a good idea in my book.

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L.E.D. Dog Ball

Dogs that have a hard time seeing at night but love to play fetch can finally get back in the game, your friend that gets home from work after dark will appreciate the opportunity for more active hours with his or her pup, and you’ll be the hero that saved playtime with your generous (yet affordable!) gift. This water-resistant ball fits in the palm of your hand, glows bright red, and even floats, just in case you truly are blind enough to throw it into a body of water.

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PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog

Love technology? Love your dog? Hate the idea of doggo going hungry all day while you’re stuck in the office from 9am-5pm? Now you can program customizable meal times using just your smartphone, even if you’re far from home. Kibble can be dispensed from 1/8 cups to 4 cups to fit your pet’s needs, dispensing slowly over 15-minute increments to prevent overeating and bloating. Now, are we sure this is only for animals? Because it sounds like I could use one for myself…

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ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Dogs are just like us – sometimes when they’re scared, all they need is the comfort of a warm hug. Since we can’t always be there to give them that much-needed hug, this doggie jacket comes to the rescue. If your dog gets freaked over fireworks, vet visits, long car rides, or storms, then this comforting cover-up might just do the trick in keeping them calm. It comes in a huge variety of sizes to fit even the biggest dog babies.

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Waterproof Car Seat Cover

The best thing about being a dog owner? Owning a dog. The worst thing about being a dog owner? The hair. It’s inescapable. And it’s especially rough on your car if you take your pooch with you on the road. Every dog owner needs a waterproof seat cover that protects against drool, hair, and pet stains. It’s easy to install, easy to clean, and easier on those leather seats.

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Pet Shower Kit

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…dogs are notoriously averse to bath time. This 3-in-1 Pet Shower Kit will make the bathing process go a little smoother. The handheld scrubber easily attaches to an outdoor hose or indoor faucet and is tough (yet gentle!) enough to work on both long- and short-haired dogs to break up dirt and excess fur.

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RUFFWEAR – Trail Runner System, Hands-Free Belt and Dog Leash

Part of what makes having a dog so much fun is having an exercise buddy. Dogs make great running partners, and can give you the motivation to get out and get moving even on your laziest days. But holding a leash while running can be dangerous, especially if your dog is prone to wandering off mid-stride. This hands-free belt and dog leash keeps Fido tethered to you but leaves some room to roam. There is still a leash release, in the event that you need to let your dog chase a squirrel without you consequently biting the dust. It even comes with a water bottle.

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Chew Tuff Gator Pet Toy

Some dogs can be a little “ruff’ when it comes to play time. Desperate times call for desperate measures – like this chew tuff toy that is not only more durable than most stuffed dog toys, but also has “silent squeak technology” that emits a squeak only your dog will hear. Will this finally be the toy to outlast your pup’s energy and jaw strength? Let the games begin…

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Dogs give us so much unconditional love – it’s only right that we spoil them as much as we can in return. I hope you, or your dog-loving friends, discovered new ways to spoil your furriest friend with gifts from the list above. And as soon as you hear of someone inventing a people-dispensing food machine that prevents bloating and overeating, call me up, will ya?


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