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Jun 21, 2018
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7 Gifts to Keep the Bar Buzzing

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If you’ve ever been to a backyard Luau, or even a simple barbecue that held an outdoor mini-bar, you know that there are great ways to spice up the night.  For example, why not bring a great gift to help keep the night going?  We’ve put together a few ideas below that we think you’ll love!

Outdoor Patio Pook Cooler Table

Have you ever seen a cooler covered in everyone’s drinks?  It happens more than you think.  However, what if you could turn the end tables into coolers?  Well, that is precisely what these cooler tables have done.  Gift one of these to a friend and you’re sure to be the first one called for every party in the future!

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Mimosa Bar Carafes and Garnish Bowls Set

Nothing says “I appreciate being invited” like gifting a set of carafes and garnish bowls to your host.  Keep the Mimosas flowing all night with this thoughtful and practical gift that will keep everything organized at the bar!

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15-Piece Cocktail Mixing Bar Set

This is a gift for the serious Mixologist in your life.  Whether they are a friend, family member, or even a fun neighbor, you are sure to get a smile for this gift.  This set includes everything they need to mix up amazing drinks all night long for their guests, other than the blender.

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The Ultimate Bar Book:
The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

Here’s another outstanding gift idea for the Mixologist in your circle of friends.  Help them to learn some new ideas with this great Bar Book!  Then sit back and taste-test the results in the comfort of the backyard or lounge!

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Froz Ice Ball Maker

There is always room for one more great ice maker in the freezer.  This lovely little set creates perfect balls of ice for you to decorate drinks, create lovely fruit décor, and more!  Not only are these molds handy for the bar, they’ll be a great asset when Christmas rolls around as well!

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Red Wine Aerator

This creative gift is great for the wine aficionados in your life.  Never again will they have to wait for the wine to rest before enjoying a perfect bouquet!  Be sure to grab a delicious bottle of red wine to go with this gift and you’ll be the talk of the party!

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“It’s Wine O’Clock” Stemless Wine Glasses

The perfect complement to any bottle of wine.  Why just bring the bottle when you can bring the whole party?  Pair this up with the Red Wine Aerator and a selection of cheeses and you’re sure to gain many appreciative smiles.

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As you can see, there are plenty of gifts that will keep the drinks flowing and guests happy.  Grab more than one to really make someone’s day or pick up a few for your own home.  We know you’ll have plenty of great nights with friends in the future.





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