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Jun 25, 2018
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10 Gifts for the Coffee Addict

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Whether it’s to jump-start our mornings or get us through that afternoon lull, coffee seems to be the magic cure. It’s really no surprise that so many of us can’t function without it. And, because coffee is life, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for the caffeine junkies closest to you.

Rx Prescription Coffee Dr. Caffeine Mug White

If a coffee iv drip is out of the question, this prescription mug is the next best thing. With this gift, the caffeine fiend in your life will have no problem taking their medicine, with a spoonful of sugar. Don’t worry, refills are just what the doctor ordered.

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Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker

This eight cup pour over coffeemaker is the perfect gift for your bestie who also happens to be a coffee snob. With a perfect cup guarantee, coffee connoisseurs will enjoy a brew that’s free of sediments and bitter elements. Added bonus, the wooden collar and leather tie make it look hella sophisticated.

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Pour Over Coffee Kettle

Who knew a pour over kettle could get making a good cup of coffee down to a science? With a gooseneck spout for a smooth and steady flow of water and a built-in thermometer to measure just the right temperature, you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee in no time. Coffee nerds, rejoice!

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French Press

Not just a fancy kitchen accessory, this French press pours a mean cup of joe with full-bodied flavor. The cool touch handle allows you to enjoy steaming hot coffee without searing your hands on the beautiful stainless steel. Easy to use and made to last, this French press will outlive even the most tricked out coffee machines.

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Expresso Maker

Perfect for those on the go, or those who are always running late, this portable press produces coffee or espresso in under a minute. There’s no need to pick coffee grinds out of your espresso, thanks to unique micro-filters; and an immersion brewing system results in smooth, full-flavored java. It’s a win-win!

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Burr Coffee Grinder

For those that prefer to grind their own beans, this grinder does it all. Who knew a coffee grinder needed 16 settings? From coarse to fine, get grounds perfect for your coffee maker of choice, be it French press, espresso machines, or pour-over. Plus, nothing makes the house smell better than freshly ground coffee beans.

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Expresso Coffee Travel Press

Travelers and commuters alike will never want to leave home without this compact travel coffee brewer. Press or pour-over brew, and enjoy piping hot coffee for up to 6 hours. Ideal for the clumsy coffee lover, the leak-free mug is made of sturdy stainless steel.

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Starbucks® Verismo™ Electric Milk Frother

Perfect for the Starbucks fanatic, this electric milk frother whisks milk into creamy froth in 90 seconds. Stop wasting $5 a day by making coffee shop worthy espresso at home, complete with rich foam. Don’t worry about the mess, the double-wall housing with nonstick coating makes clean-up a cinch.

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Coffee Subscription

Who doesn’t love a good subscription box? This subscription box is perfect for the penny-pinching friend who only buys cheap coffee. Broaden their horizons with box number one, a tasting kit. After sampling four different single-origin whole coffee beans, subscribers pick their favorite and future shipments will match to their taste. They’ll never drink crappy coffee again.

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Travel Mug

Nothing makes mornings worse than finally taking a sip of your coffee only to find it’s no longer hot.  This travel thermos is vacuum insulated to keep drinks extremely hot (or cold) for hours. With a 16 ounce capacity, this mug will get you through those boring morning meetings and then some.

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It doesn’t take much more than a good cup of joe to win over coffee lovers, but with any of these gifts you can be sure they’ll achieve caffeinated bliss.

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