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Jun 7, 2018
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11 Awesome Summer BBQ Gift Ideas

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It’s Summertime and we all know what that means.  Yes, you guessed it, the grills are going wild.  Neighbors are suddenly feeling the desire to torture us with that mouth-watering, neighbor torturing smell as they drag out the barbecue and flood us with hunger.  Don’t feed bad, join the party, break that diet, fall off the wagon just this once!  Not invited yet?  Show up with a great gift and you’re sure to be joining the feast.  Check out some of the Summer “hotties” below for inspiring ideas!

Personalized BBQ Grill Utensil Set

We all have that grill master in our life who would absolutely LOVE to have their name emblazoned on their grillware.  Make it happen and ensure that they invite you every time they are ready to break out the grill.  After all, eating free is awesome!

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Personalized 6-Pack Beer Caddy w/Opener

Don’t even try to say you don’t know someone that would love this.  Whether it’s your Dad who loves being the Master of 4th of July or a friend who insists on trying one of every craft beer flavor you can find, there is sure to be someone on your list who would let you have the best steak if you brought this caddy to them.

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Man Crate Grill Sets

The name says it all with this lovely gift.  From grill seasoning to special sauce, you’re sure to make the local grillmaster happy with a gift like this.  Don’t forget to remind them how awesome their skills are, just to keep them beaming all day.

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Grill Brush

No grillmaster’s equipment set is complete without an awesome grill brush.  Unless, of course, you really do enjoy the taste of barbecue chicken on your otherwise perfectly grilled steak.  Personally, we’d pass on that, as we prefer our beef to taste like beef.  Even if everything is said to taste like chicken.

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BBQ Light w/Opener

Here’s one for your safety-conscious friends and neighbors who are still grilling after dark.  Instead of moving the grill closer to the house (and thus risking a fire that could potentially risk your house, too) just gift them with an attachable light!  We’re sure they’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Beer Can Chicken Holder

Here’s one for the flavor fanatics out there.  Beer brats are a thing of the past thanks to this little number.  After all, if the guy next door had his choice, you know he’d rather have chicken flavored with his favorite beer, right?  Bring him one of these babies and you’re going to have a new best friend (along with some free chicken).

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BBQ Sauce, Rubs & Marinades for Dummies

Bored with the bland grill fare of the neighborhood?  Then it’s time to educate those grillmasters!  Buy a few copies of this to hand out (anonymously, of course) and watch all of them learn how to turn it up a notch!  You’ll never suffer from burnt and boring grilled food again, though you might wish for it after a few spicy backyard barbeque parties.

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Shun Chef Knife

Stop watching your favorite grillmaster fight to cut their goods.  You know as well as they do that those dull knives are making everyone suffer.  Bring them one of these bad boys as a gift and you’ll get to watch them slice through everything with ease.  Just be sure you’re gifting it to the right people, some things are not meant to be sliced!

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Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

Not everyone cooks with charcoal these days.  In fact, most no longer do (though this makes everyone sad).  That means that temperature is everything because you certainly do not want under or overdone meat!  Grab one of these handy thermometers to give as a gift and you’re sure to get some appreciative looks.

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Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Nothing is more amazing than smoked meals from the grill.  Well, perhaps a solo winning lottery ticket, but it’s a close race.  Gift one of these smoker boxes to your favorite grill-lover and you’ll see a whole new side to their steaks, chops, ribs, and just about everything else!  Easy to use, hard to pass up.

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BBQ Branding Iron

Nothing says “My Steak” better than a branded piece of meat.  Every grillmaster has that one perfect piece of meat they really hope to knab before anyone else can.  Buy them a personalized branding iron and they’ll never have to worry about it again!  If you’re lucky, they’ll brand two, allowing you to bask in the glory that is perfectly grilled meat.

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No matter which of these outstanding gifts you choose, we’re sure you’ll be swimming in invitations for the rest of the summer, as well as summers to come.  Now all you have to do is charge up your air conditioner, find a pair of yoga pants that you won’t melt in, and open your schedule book to keep it all line. Happy eating!

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