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Sep 24, 2018
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Non-Candy Treats and Halloween Party Favors

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Oh Halloween, the sweetest time of the year. So much candy, enough to make children wild with glee and parents very strategic on how to get rid of it, or eat it themselves, right? We all know that a ton of candy goes to waste on Halloween, and there’s more than plenty to go around. If you’re thinking you might want to change up that trick-or-treater cauldron of candy this year, then we’ve got some excellent ideas for you on non-candy treats (maybe they’re tricks, though) for those neighborhood goblins that are gonna come knockin’. We pulled together lots of options, all that can be bought in bulk, that will make perfect candy alternatives on Halloween night.

Keep scrolling after this gallery for links on where to buy these fun products for parties and passing out this Halloween.



Click photos and links below to find out where to buy these products online, you are saving a cavity or two out there!

slap bracelets halloween party favors

Emoticon Slap Bracelets

BUY – Emoticon Slap Bracelets


stickers halloween party favors

Creepy Stickers

BUY – Assorted Stickers


stamps halloween party favors

Halloween Stamps

BUY – Pumpkin, Ghost, & Bat Stamps


Pirate YoYo halloween party favors

Pirate YoYo

BUY – Pirate Skull YoYos


paper clips halloween party favors

Halloween Paper Clips

BUY – Crazy Clips

  Take your Halloween party to the next level with new Halloween Decorations!

paddle ball halloween party favors

Paddle Balls

BUY – Paddle Ball


spooky glow rings halloween party favors

Spooky Glowing Rings

BUY – Glowing Ring Toys


bubbles halloween party favors


BUY – Mini Bubbles


Non Candy Treats Bouncy Balls Halloween Party favors

Bouncy Eyeballs

BUY – Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls


Slinky Minis halloween party favors

Bright Slinky Minis

BUY – Bright Slinky Minis


Witch Potion halloween party favors

Witch Potion

BUY – Witch Potion


Noise Putty halloween party favors

Colorful Noise Putty

BUY – Colorful Noise Putty


Silly Putty Halloween party favors

Silly Putty

BUY – Silly Putty


Slime Balls Halloween Party Favors

Tiny Slime Balls

BUY – Rainbow Slime Balls


Halloween Assorted Goodies Party Favors

Halloween Assorted Goodies

BUY – Halloween Assorted Goodies


Glow Sticks Halloween Party Favors

Glow Sticks

BUY – Glow Sticks


Dracula Teeth Halloween party favors

Dracula Teeth

BUY – Dracula Teeth


Red Nose halloween party favors

Red Nose Tricks

BUY – Red Noses


noise makers halloween party favors

Colorful Noise Makers

BUY – Colorful Noise Makers


Party Favor Pack whistles noisemakers halloween favors

Party Favor Pack

BUY – Party Favor Pack


temporary tattoos halloween party favors

Boo! Tattoos

BUY – Assorted Tattoos


Happy Trick-or-Treating, everybody!



Non Candy Halloween Treats Party Favors

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