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Sep 20, 2018
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Halloween Hostess Gifts

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In college, I tried to (unsuccessfully) throw my first (and last) Halloween party. I bought boxes and boxes of the cheapest pizza I could find, made Chex Mix with black and orange chocolate candies, and put on my best Monster Mash playlist. My roommates showed up along with a handful of strangers who wanted to play Monopoly and never ate the pizza I had slaved over. The nerve! Needless to say, I never threw another Halloween party. Let this be a lesson, friends; never go to a Halloween party empty-handed because you never know how much money your hostess spent on bad pizza and a commercial-free music subscription. Below is a list of the best Halloween hostess gifts to get you started.

Witch’s Cauldron Halloween Gift Basket

This ultra-themey gift basket has something to please every witch and wizard. This truly tempting cauldron is comprised of Twix, Snickers, Tootsie Pops more. There’s also Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn, Caramel Popcorn and a giant spider to really add a touch of creepy Halloween flair. Bonus: keep the cauldron on-hand for future decorating!

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No Tricks…Only Treats Halloween Gift Basket

Nothing screams Halloween like the classic orange bucket painted with a token pumpkin grin filled to the brim with 2-pounds of top shelf Halloween treats. This gift basket offers the kids’ favorite candy brands including Snickers, Twix, Starburst, Milky Way, Tootsie Roll, Skittles, and more!

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Haunted House Halloween Gift Tower

There is something to be said for a collection of treats that doubles as a big, stackable toy as well as a decoration. This Halloween Haunted House delivers! Each box is filled with a new surprise, from a half-pound of mixed candy, to honey mustard popcorn, s’mores pretzels, candy corn and more.

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Haunted Cake Pops

These bite-sized treats will satisfy the sweet tooth of party guests and hostesses alike. Ten tasty morsels of vanilla and chocolate cake dipped in Belgian chocolate and decorated with cute candy appliqués would make a great centerpiece for your next Halloween party. They’re (almost) too cute to eat.

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Halloween Oreo Cookies

OK here’s the deal – nobody can say “no” to an Oreo unless you happen to be allergic to chocolate cookies, artificial creamy sugar icing, and sheer perfection. An Oreo dipped in white and milk chocolate and coated in sprinkles, tiny candy bits, and more cute candy appliqués – say no more! Pair these Oreo treats with the Haunted Cake Pops and you will sincerely be the best party guest of all time.

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Haunted Strawberries

If I made you feel guilty about Oreos, I apologize. Maybe you’re not a fan of America’s favorite cookie after all. Or maybe, the hostess you’re aiming to please prefers fruity flavors to chocolate cookie sandwich goodness. If that’s the case, these spooktacular strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate and decorated to your liking are a delicious alternative to cookies and cakes, but they still bring a bit of festive flair to a Halloween party spread.

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Check out other hauntingly delightful Hostess Gifts from GourmetGiftBaskets.com!



Decorative Gold Pumpkin

Sometimes, a classy gold accessory can touch the heart of the more sophisticated hostess with a knack for subtle Halloween décor. This decorative gold pumpkin says, “I care enough to bring you a gift, but know you well enough not to mess with your current color scheme.”

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Ghost Mug

For the coffee lover, the hot chocolate lover, the hot apple cider lover, and all who enjoy the sweet flavors of Fall in a cup, this ghost mug is a cute, yet understated hostess gift that’s not too spooky. It’s got just the right amount of Halloween spirit to be festive, but not frightening.

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“Drink Up Witches” Stemless Wine Glass Set

If you’re invited to a girls’ night in, you’ll be the hands-down hit of the party if you bring these “drink up witches” stemless glasses. They’re cute, classy, sassy, and when you leave them behind for the hostess, she’ll have a lasting memory of you as the “fun friend” with the best gift.

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WoodWick Harvest Candle 2-Pc. Gift Set

Scented candles make a hostess’s job easy – she doesn’t even have to cook in order to have a house smelling like an Apple Crisp or Pumpkin Butter thanks to this Woodwick candle duo. It’s every hostess’s dream! Guests will instantly feel like they’ve been given a warm and cozy Fall hug when they walk through the front door. And keep in mind that wood wick candles burn better and more naturally than traditional rope wicks, without the usual yucky black smoke.

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Set of 2 Pumpkin Spice Kitchen Towels

If there is one thing a hard-working Halloween hostess will never get tired of, it’s decorative hand towels. They can dress up your oven, your refrigerator handle, or even a serving platter. Whatever you do, just don’t dry your hands on them – that’s not what decorative hand towels are for! That’s what my mom says, anyway.

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Medium Lit Grapevine Pumpkin

Help your favorite hostess set the mood with this medium lit grapevine pumpkin. Its twinkly lights provide just the right amount of festive holiday flair to any party space. The twigs really fit with any décor scheme, so you won’t have to worry about cramping the hostess’s style with these pumpkins.

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Halloween Pumpkin Patch Lit Hanging Sign

A busy hostess doesn’t always have time to personally welcome her guests into her home one at a time, but this sign can help. Aim the arrow in the direction of the party and let the sign point the way! If the hostess isn’t as big of a Halloween fan as she is a general fan of Fall, she’ll probably appreciate this slightly less creepy, way more cutesy, decorative piece.

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Glass Pumpkin Wine Bottle Stopper

When you can’t decide whether to bring the red wine, white wine, rosé, or dessert wine for the party hostess, don’t bother with the pressure of making the wrong decision – bring a bottle stopper instead. Trust me, your hostess will appreciate saving precious drops of untasted vino just as much as she’ll enjoy receiving a bottle of wine.

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There you have it, friends. My list of hostess gifts I wish I had received the night of my failed Halloween party so many years ago. Remember, it’s never a bad idea to bring a gift to a party, especially when friends are working hard to set the mood for you for a frightful night of fun and spooktacular festivities. If you feel odd bringing a gift along with you just remember – you’ll instantly be the new favorite friend, and you may even get to take some extra treats home at the end of the night. So suck up, buttercups, and spoil your hostess!


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