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Mar 11, 2019
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Friends & Fanatics: Game of Thrones Gifts Must Haves

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If you’re a die-hard fanatic of Game of Thrones then you are just about wetting your pants waiting for the last season to arrive. It’s almost here!! We are so excited and in our anticipation, we’ve put together a fun list of Game of Thrones gifts you can either get for yourself or gift to a friend who’s passion shines just as bright as yours.

Did you see the latest trailer for Season 8?

Now for those of you who might be living under a rock, we want to make sure you’ve seen the most recent Season 8 trailer. AMAZING! I mean, who do you think Arya is afraid of??? I have my own ideas and dear old daddy is definitely in the mix. See for yourself…

This is SO exciting!!!

Just put that thing on a loop, because it’s all you’ve got until the final season premiers on April 14, 2019. Tick tock, tick tock!! Now on to some Game of Thrones gifts, because there is some super cool swag out there and you want to be ready come April 14.

Game of Thrones Gifts: Mother of Dragons

This first one is an easy one for me because I love wine and this Mother of Dragons glass needs to be in my hands on Sunday nights. Gimme, gimme, gimme! If you are a dragon lover or you know a dragon lover, consider this gift to bring out the giddy…in more ways than one!

Sticking with the dragon theme are these super cool gift set candles of the infamous dragon eggs. This candle set is a must have for setting the Sunday night GOT mood.

If your plan is to cozy up to your man on Sunday nights, then gift yourself with this cute Mother of Dragons pajama set. It’s an even better fit if you actually ARE the mother of dragons. I’ve got 2 little dragons in my house, I”ll take one set please!

This is pretty awesome. This gift would just tickle and delight the super duper Mother of Dragons fan. I mean, come on…a set of dragon eggs with the chest. A dragon is not a slave!

Game of Thrones Gifts: Watch Party Ideas

If you’re looking for something pretty unique and different, this Game of Thrones gift could be the one. Each beer horn is handcrafted and different from the next. It’s actually made from an Ox horn!

What’s game night without the official Game of Thrones board game? I mean, real fans will need this game for their Sunday night watch parties. Partying starts long before shows air, and we must stick with our fanatical themes.

There’s also GOT themed Clue available for you old-schoolers…

And what’s a watch party without Game of Thrones themed food? A feast of Fire and Ice? Yes, please.

And then there’s these jammies, too. Totally appropriate for a watch party I think, and nice and snuggly.

So, since we’re pretty much on a watch party theme in this post, I found these awesome Game of Thrones party props for taking photos. These will totally make Instagram worthy selfies!

Game of Thrones Gifts: Unique and Monumental

In one of the most gut-wrenching scenes of the entire series, we find out much of the mystery surrounding Hodor. Do yourself a favor and look up some videos on Youtube of viewers reacting to the scene where Hodor is literally holding the door closed. Unbelievable! Only my fellow Game of Thrones fanatics will understand why this door stopper would make such a touching gift.

If you drink and you know things, then you’re going to like showing off your skills with this whisky glass that comes along with 3 whisky stones to keep your drink chilled and your demeanor chill.

Moving on to the more serious fan looking for some heavy merch to display is this Castle Black sculpture. This is serious love for Game of Thrones.

For those of you who like a more personal touch, this Game of Thrones gift is so much fun. Also, a great idea for those who love the kitchen and cooking is only second to GOT. This personalized cutting board would look glorious in my kitchen.

And finally, for those of you that don’t have HBO and need to own free and clear the entire collection to date, here you go. Seasons 1 – 7, the full set.

April 14 the Final Season Begins

Are you ready now for Season 8 to begin? In our office, Game of Thrones conversations are happening daily, season trailers are broken down and the many possibilities of what’s to come are discussed at length. Once the season begins, Monday’s are a whirlwind of scuttlebutt at the water cooler. And, we love every second of it. Enjoy this last season of Game of Thrones, throw those watch parties and surprise your favorite fan with a little something special.

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