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Aug 2, 2018
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Gifts for the Lefties In Your Life

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You know what they say; “It’s not easy being green…or left-handed.” I think I’ve heard that before, anyway. Although I’m personally in the majority of right-handed individuals, I have known many a proud lefty in my time. The thing about lefties is that they have become very adept at flying under the radar. They live mysterious lives where minute tasks are made particularly difficult, but nobody seems to notice. That is, until now. I’ve compiled a list of gifts that our left-handed friends deserve because that’s the kind of caring person I am.

“I’m Left-Handed and I Hate Your Scissors” T-Shirt

Sometimes, all you need as a left-handed person is to be heard. What better way to make your plight known than by sporting a t-shirt that lets the world know how you really feel? With 5 colors to choose from and sizes for men, women, and youth, you’ll be glad to know that in a world that discriminates so heavily against lefties, these shirts provide some reparation.

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Left-Handed Scissors

One of the most classically difficult obstacles faced by left-handed people involves using scissors. If you have heard nothing else about how hard lefties have it, I can guarantee you’ve heard complaints about the dangers of right-handed scissors. This is a gift that will never go unappreciated or unused by your lefty friends.

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Lefties Rule Left Handed Wide Ruled Notebook

Whether you’re purchasing these for a child in school or a coworker at the office, chances are you know a lefty who will really appreciate this notebook. Not only do the wide-ruled lines make it easy to take notes, but the ultimate “win” is the fact that you don’t need to rest your wrist on those awkward metal spirals.

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Not Right (Left-Handed) Notebook

A little bit sassy and a lot practical; this notebook comes in 3 distinctive designs. They’re not just statement makers – they serve the purpose of keeping your left hand safe from, you guessed it, those pesky metal spirals. With 120 journal pages, you can give the gift of ample space to write stories of how life was made infinitely better by gifts made specifically for left-hand dominance.

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Left-Handed Pen

I searched; I examined; I inspected; I scrutinized and I still could not figure out why someone would need a left-handed pen. But here we are. And here is a left-handed pen. It is bent in a way that fits your hand. Specifically, your left hand. SOMEONE, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY. Or don’t explain and just buy these pens and let your left-handed friends use something they never knew they needed.

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Left-Hand Ergonomic Vertical Computer Mouse

Unlike the left-handed pen, the left-handed ergonomic computer mouse makes so much sense to me. Specifically designed to accommodate the weight and angle of your left palm and wrist, this mouse would make a fantastic gift for anyone who works long days in an office (which is most of us, these days). With cases of carpal tunnel on the rise in recent years, this mouse can help alleviate common pain.

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The Left Stuff: How the Left-Handed Have Survived and Thrived in a Right-Handed World

Finally, the scientific explanation behind an age-old mystery – what determines right or left-hand dominance. This book explores that and more, including the roles society and genetics play in which side we favor. For your friends, both right and left-handed, who enjoy a good sociological and scientific read every now and then, pass this book along and I can promise you they’ll come away with fascinating facts.

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Lefty’s True Left-Handed Playing Cards

Calling all card sharks and gamers; this gift is for you. I’ll bet you righties never thought about the fact that suits on standard playing cards are only conveniently placed when fanned a specific direction. On Lefty’s deck, suits are printed on opposite corners so that a lefty can fan it in his/her right hand, seeing the numbers in the corners, and then play cards with his/her left hand.

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Left-Handed Can Opener

A dangerous daily task for lefties that often gets overlooked is the act of opening a can. Think about it – your mom always told you to be extra careful when opening a can of beans, soup, etc. because of the sharp metal lid, but she probably still let her left-handed progeny wield the same dangerous can opener. Your awkward twisting and pulling can opening problems are solved by this kitchen gadget.

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Lefty’s Left-Handed Bamboo Utensil Kitchen Tool Set

This 4-piece set of durable bamboo spoons and spatulas would make the perfect gift for a lefty who loves to cook and entertain. It took me a minute to see what makes this set so useful for our left-handed counterparts, but in fact, each spoon and spatula is angled in such a way to make stirring and scraping bowls easier from the left side. The “pot-sitter” spoon is also conveniently notched so that it rests on your pot without dripping all over your stovetop.

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Lefty’s Left-Handed 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup

Will I get a lot of flack for stating the obvious here? Probably. Will I do it anyway? Yes. Yes, I will. This measuring cup is convenient because you don’t have to turn your hand around to read the measurements in non-metric form. But I get it…baking is hard enough as it is, OK? As a right-hander, I take the fact that I don’t have to turn my hand around when reading cups/ounces for granted. So there!

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In compiling this gift list, I gained a new appreciation for the struggles that left-handed folks face in using even the most basic items (like pens…who knew?). With that being said, let’s make a pact to support our lovely lefties with gifts that will serve them in their daily lives. We all deserve convenience, people…it’s 2018 after all. No lefty left behind!

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