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Dec 7, 2018
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Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees are Everything!

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Yes, realistic artificial Christmas trees are everything. You didn’t know that? Stop dealing with those fussy pine needles and sticky sap. You know what I’m talking about. And, you know who you are if you’re ‘over’ putting up a real Christmas tree every year. There are some AMAZING realistic artificial Christmas trees out there that will last you for years and years. Best of all, there are plenty of options to choose from. Various sizes. Lots of shapes, we got a super skinny one for our office this year and it’s perfect. Different kinds of pine, flocked or not, prelit or DIY. You will find a tree to meet your very specific needs and there are so many places to find them online and have them arrive at your front porch, like your very own gift. A gift to yourself if you know what we mean!

Here are some of our favorite realistic artificial Christmas trees and where to find them.

realistic artificial Christmas trees

Easy Treezy 5.5ft Slim LED Artificial LED Christmas Tree Natural

This sleek beauty is from Target. It stands at 5.5 feet tall and has a relatively thin body. It’s perfect for a smaller space and would look great in a modern style living room. But hey, once you decorate it, the sky’s the limit on styling. It’s also prelit with 150 lights, so no putting on those lights or taking them off when the season ends. It’s only 17 pounds and flattens right up for storage. We love this beautiful greenie. For more stats on this tree and to buy it for your very own, just hit the button below and you’re off to Target.


realistic artificial Christmas trees

Philips 6ft Prelit Gold Slim Artificial Birch Tree Warm White LED Lights

Another one we love at Target is this bronze beauty. It’s a totally different take on a Christmas tree, and you might even be able to leave this one up all year long. But if green and bushy isn’t your thing, then why not head in a new direction? This one is great for either indoors or outdoors too, doesn’t it add a nice festive touch to the room?


There are SO many other options at Target to fit your room size, your personal style and your budget. See for yourself!


Now, we know it’s a well known problem that after a few weeks in your house, your real tree starts getting a little weak and, well, eventually it just kaputs! Just another reason to get a realistic artificial tree. Save the real trees and save some money, artificial trees are a much more economical way to celebrate Christmas. Here are a couple of our Amazon favorites.

realistic artificial Christmas trees

Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, 9 Feet, Clear Lights

Just look how beautiful and full bodies this tree is! Standing at 7.5 feet tall, this tree is 60 inches wide. It’s also shining with 1,000 hand-strung clear lights and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Oh the beauty and joy this baby will bring. To get the full details on this realistic classic, hit that button below. 


realistic artificial Christmas trees

Flocked Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree 7.5 ft Snowy Spruce

We had to bring you a beautiful flocked tree, right? This white Christmas tree is prelit with 750 LED clear lights and comes in with 56 inches of width. It’s also got a 5-year limited warranty, and if 1 bulb burns out, the rest will remain lit, thank the heavens!!


To shop more trees on Amazon, we pulled the best list. Only 4 stars and above for our fans. You’re welcome!



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