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Jan 26, 2019
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Netatmo Welcome

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Netatmo Welcome

Best Home Security Camera 2019 Netatmo Welcome

Stylish, discreet, and shockingly smart…I was impressed to learn about the unique features of
the Netatmo Welcome. Not only does its slim design allow it to easily blend into your home
décor, but it also offers quick and easy setup – just plug it in! This system runs on alerts – it even has
face recognition technology so when your kids come home from school while you’re still at the
office, you’ll receive a notification straight to your phone telling you exactly who’s home. If
Netatmo doesn’t recognize the face, you’ll get that notification as well. The alarm system lets you know if a smoke alarm, doorbell, or home security system sounds in your home. As an
added bonus, you can store your videos at no additional cost.

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