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Jul 2, 2018
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10 Gifts for the Ultimate Star Wars Fan

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A Star Wars fan you are, I see. Or perhaps a Jedi friend, you have. Let’s face it, these movies have been trending since 1977, and there will always be a person in your life who you know will appreciate anything that is shaped like the Millennium Falcon or glows like a lightsaber. Check out the list of Yoda-approved Star Wars themed gifts we’ve discovered below.

Star Wars Backpack Buddy

I’ve always wanted to give Yoda a hug. He’s so wise (and small!). And I always felt that BB8 would make a great hiking buddy. Thankfully someone out there took my ideas into consideration and created these hilarious buddy backpacks, so you can carry Yoda or BB8 with you anywhere you go! Straps are adjustable so the backpack can “hug” kids or adults.

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Death Star Waffle Maker

I think that the greatest testament to the idea that this is a fantastic gift for the ultimate Star Wars fan (who is also a breakfast connoisseur) is the fact that the biggest Star Wars fan I know (a very close friend) already has this in his kitchen collection. And yes, he uses it frequently. 7” waffles shaped like the Death Star go over superbly during Sunday morning brunches with the family – he has confirmed. Non-stick cooking plates on both top and bottom are a must for any good waffle maker, which this one has, so you know it means serious business.

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R2D2 French Press

Among things like self-check-in kiosks at the airport, birthday cake, and reality TV, coffee is one of those simple pleasures in life that can become a necessity if it’s done well. A good cup of coffee served by R2D2? Now that takes things to a whole new level. This French Press has all of the necessities including 32-ounces (4 cups) of coffee capacity, BPA-free plastic housing, the glass carafe, filter, and plunger. Help your Star Wars fan friend enjoy the morning to its fullest with this gift. Or, as R2D2 would say, “Beep beep bip boop bip bip boop beep.”

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R2D2 Charging Hub

Speaking of R2, perhaps your Star Wars obsessed friend seems to have every kitschy Star Wars themed gift under the sun. But I am willing to bet they don’t have an R2D2 charging hub. This wall-mounted piece of ingenuity holds two USB ports and four sockets, so there’s plenty of room for phone charging, laptop charging, and Millennium Falcon charging (everything is electric these days, my friends).

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Star Wars Word Art Print

Hold the phone! Stop the presses! The search is OVER for a Star Wars themed gift that is classy enough to hang on your wall and keep there when your mother-in-law comes to visit (you’re welcome). This set of 3 Star Wars Word Art Prints, sized at 11” x 17,” are comprised of the opening credits (also known as a “crawl”) and every spoken word of one of the three original Star Wars films. Even die-hard Star Wars fans won’t find fault in these Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Death Star prints. A genius, you are, Scott W. Smith (artist who deserves all of the credit).

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Darth Vader Toaster

What kid wouldn’t find immense satisfaction is smearing butter (or jam, we don’t discriminate here) all over Darth Vader’s face and yelling, “Who’s your father now?” after taking a big bite out of his helmet? Ah, the sweet taste of revenge…or toast…either one is a win with this Darth Vader Toaster that heats an image of the infamous Darth Vader onto your bread. Even the toaster itself is iconically shaped like the Sith Lord’s chest plate.

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Millennium Falcon Rug

Remember those rugs you grew up with that were imprinted with the image of a tiny town on them? They featured roads, train tracks, and little stores? I don’t know about you but I could drive my Hot Wheels along those tiny roads of that tiny carpet for hours on end. This is the grownup version of that rug! Only instead of exploring a tiny town with your Hot Wheels, you’re exploring the Millennium Falcon (Hot Wheels still optional if you ask me)! At 59″ L x 79″ W, this rug will fit just about anywhere in the home of a true Star Wars fan from a man cave, to the kids’ rooms, to a movie room, or even the living room.

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Lightsaber Heat Change Mug

Perhaps the most practical gift of the bunch, this mug serves double duty as a vessel for your morning coffee and also a warning to unsuspecting coworkers. If the mug is empty, the light sabers will not glow, meaning “Do Not Approach – Danger – Warning – No Coffee Has Yet Been Had This Morning!” If the mug is full, the heat from your drink will warm the cup and the light sabers will glow signaling to others that it is safe to approach. See? Fun and practical!

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Death Star Planter

I’m not sure why, but I have a strong urge to plant basil in this thing and set it on my window sill. Can you imagine? A Death Star filled with basil! Or mint! Or a succulent from Home Depot! If the idea of mixing the uber-practical with the ultra-fantastic tickles your funny bone as much as it does mine, then consider this Death Star Planter as an unbeatable house-warming gift for the Star Wars fan in your life. For those who appreciate local artisanship, note that this item is locally made (with love!) in Loma Mar, California.

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I Love You, I Know Pillowcases

Can you say “perfect wedding gift for a couple that loves Star Wars?” I mean really. This is too sweet. Imagine two Star Wars love birds repeating those eternally iconic words spoken between Han Solo and Princess Leia (R.I.P. Carrie Fisher!) each night before bed. Makes me a little teary eyed. What doesn’t make me teary-eyed are 300 thread count sheets or 100% Egyptian cotton, which these pillowcases both are.

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After searching galaxies far, far away for the best Star Wars gifts available, I think I’ve done it. I’ve covered adults, children, sophisticated palettes and playful spirits, and even thrown in some wedding inspo for you. Now the hardest part for you should be deciding which gift to choose from! To which I say, “May the Force be with you.”

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