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Oct 2, 2018
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Need a Halloween Housewarming Gift? Think Decorations!

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Here at Gift Guru Gal, we love a good Halloween party. If you only invite me into your home once a year, it better be when your house is looking exceptionally haunted, you can feed me endless amounts of expensive candy, and maybe make me dinner while we’re at it. But seriously, besides Christmas, Halloween is the perfect time to throw a housewarming party and have people actually show up. We love seeing how friends and neighbors decorate for spooky season, and we may even bring a treat (or a trick) of our own for the host and hostess. Take a look at the list below to get some inspo…

Skeleton Apron & Mit

Hostess: “Honey, does this apron make me look too skinny?”
Husband: “Babe, you look drop-dead gorgeous.”
I’ll just leave that there for you. YOU’RE WELCOME.

All jokes aside, if your hostess wants to wear a costume but also loves to cook, and you know she’s going to be in the kitchen all evening cooking up a storm, sweating, potentially ruining an expensive Halloween Store outfit, this apron and mitt set is a must-have gift. There are three different apron designs to choose from, but the skeleton offered me the corniest joke opportunity.  


Halloween Animated Eyeball Doorbell


Target is my resource for literally everything. But specifically, around this time of year, Target carries some pretty darn amazing animated Halloween décor. This animated eyeball doorbell, for instance, can really get a housewarming party started on a ghoulish note before guests even make it through the front door. I’d consider keeping this up year round, however. Really make those Girl Scouts work for my money during cookie season.   


Anatomy Coasters

Weirdly sophisticated yet subtly creepy – this set of six anatomical coasters serves many purposes for multiple occasions – not just Halloween. Sure, your hostess will be glad to have some extra coasters to keep cocktails off her expensive wood furniture, but if there’s a nurse or doctor in your life, this gift would really pack a punch for them as well.


Anatomy Mug & Coaster Set

To all of the X-Ray Technicians throwing a Halloween party this year – this one is for you! I mean really, who doesn’t need a ceramic mug with an anatomically correct heart on it (Just don’t break it! Get it? Don’t break my heart? Ok…). Pair it with a set of 4 coasters and you’ve got yourself a real conversation starter.


Smoking Cauldron

Ah, the smoking cauldron. A classic hostess gift. Ghostly, eerie, and great for entertaining children. Never mind that it’s not actually supposed to hold anything other than tap water to create that signature smoke. You can keep the kids guessing all night long about what a witch’s brew is really made of. Let them know that inside the cauldron is where bad boys and ghouls end up and they may behave long enough to let you enjoy the party.


Spike the Skeleton Dog

I see this gift being particularly fun to give cat lovers, or people with pet allergies. Is that cruel? Blame the Halloween spirit if it is. Imagine bringing this to your hostess and seeing it stand guard the rest of the night on her front porch!


60″ Lazy Bones Hammock

This guy is living the dream. He is truly lounging in the lap of luxury. I’m envious, really, of his situation. If you want to tell your hard-working hostess to relax and take a load off every now and then, bring her this gift as a (not-so-subtle) reminder.


Lawn Witch Trio

“Finally! A coven of gal pals to come home to! Where are my bad witches at? Oh, we’re doing the whole swaying in a circle on the front lawn thing again? Ok that’s cool I’ll be inside watching Netflix whenever you’re ready, ladies. Should I put the bat stew on now or wait until the rest of the guests get here? You know what, you’re right, I’ll start the cauldron now at a low simmer. Hooray for parties!”

That was me…imagining actually having these on my front lawn. Or really, imagining anyone actually having these on their front lawn.


Shaking Body Bag

Oh man, I love a good shaking body bag! Wait…that sounds wrong. I only meant that it’s fun because it never ceases to terrify the neighborhood kids. It hangs 5’ tall; just about big enough to stuff a naughty party guest into. There…that gets my point across. But what a great gag gift for the Halloween hostess who needs a little spooky front porch décor to keep the trick-or-treaters (or Halloween party guests) entertained as they arrive!


Inflatable Jabba the Hut

Love Star Wars? Love Halloween? Love inflatable lawn décor? Look no further than inflatable Jabba the Hut. Standing at a whopping 6’ tall and 10’ wide, he’s just the sort of awkward lawn ornament that people love to encounter on Halloween.


Chucky Scarred Talking Good Guy Doll

This talking Chucky doll is truly what nightmares are made of. This “doll” stands at just over a foot tall and speaks seven different phrases from the Chucky movie. If you’re really good friends with the party hostess, and you know that one day she’ll forgive you for bringing this thing into her home, then by all means – this is the gift you should purchase.  


Animated Upside Down Clown

Is it an umbrella? No! Is it wrapping paper? Of course not! It’s a very funny-shaped hanging clown decoration! But that’s about the only thing that’s funny about this clown. With his bony little fingers, light-up red eyes, and haunting noises he makes, this would make yet another ultra-creepy addition to your favorite Halloween hostess’ decoration collection.


Animated Moving Books

I love the idea of a Halloween decoration that could easily be forgotten and left up long after the Halloween paraphernalia gets put away. These books are motion-sensing, so in November when you’re walking past your bookcase and they give you a little shake you’ll get the scare of your life. Truly haunting! They also make a great gift for the host who is perhaps not so keen on the traditional, gory, dead-things-type Halloween décor.


LifeSize Animated Pennywise the Clown

Is it too soon for this? Have we all gotten past the latest “It” iteration? Have you just recently been able to walk past storm drains without peeing your pants a little bit on accident? Have you finally been able to see balloons (particularly those god-forsaken red ones) as JUST balloons? Well, Life Size Pennywise is here to reawaken your deepest fears. So you’re welcome! You’d have to be one cruel party guest to bring Pennywise with you as your hostess gift, but then again, a 6’ tall Pennywise that sways creepily back and forth may be just someone’s cup of tea (*hint* that person should be imprisoned).  


Disgusting Headless Zombie

Unlike the animated moving books we talked about above, this gift is made with lovers of gore in mind, and perhaps a little bit…uh…bold for families with small children. But for the hostess with a taste for classic slasher films and zombie guts, this gift will have her screaming in delight.


Huge Spider with Light Up Eyes

A huge spider is another Halloween decoration that you can’t mess up. You can hand it along the side of your house, prop it up over some web action on a bush on your front lawn, or bring it indoors and have it lurk above party guests’ heads as they dance the night away at your Halloween bash. So versatile! So fuzzy! So arachnophobia-inducing!


The Joker Death of the Family Groundbreaker

Is your Halloween party hostess a fan of the Batman franchise? Or just prefers a great comic book to the typical Halloween horror flicks out there? Then this might be just the gift for her. A subtle ode to Scott Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and really all of the famous faces that have brought Batman and The Joker to life throughout the years, this groundbreaker is both nostalgic and terrifying simultaneously.


The list of possible Halloween housewarming gifts truly is endless. I think I’ve proven that there’s something for every type of hostess out there – from the squeamish to the scream queen. Whether she’s been hosting a Halloween party for years and years, or maybe just moved into a new place in time for the holidays, every host or hostess loves receiving seasonal gifts that give their guests more to look at, talk about, and be spooked by. To that, we say, “Happy haunting!”

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