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Jun 21, 2018
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16 Gifts for the 4th of July 🎆

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Ah, the 4th of July.  That holiday where our inner patriots come out to fire up barbeque grills, set off fireworks, and enjoy the revelry of the neighborhood.  If you’re headed to a great party for the 4th, why not bring a gift along?  We’ve put together some great gift ideas for the fellow patriots in your neighborhood!

Patriotic Pencil Set

While this one may seem a bit cheesy to some of you, we bet you’re not thinking about ALL of the Patriots in your life.  For example, the kid next door who just wrote a history paper about George Washington.  Grab a few packs of these pencils and pass them out to the kids and you’re sure to make their day!

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Beanie Babies Glory Bear

Beanie Babies are still quite popular across the globe.  This 4th of July, grab a few of these lovely Glory Bear beanies and gift them to the collectors in your life.  Not only will you be supporting their love of their country, but also memorializing all of those who have come and gone in the name of freedom.

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Edible Red, White, and Blue Confetti Stars Sprinkles

Top off your delicious 4th of July treats with these absolutely appropriate sprinkles.  No matter what you’re topping, the result will be a show of 4th of July spirit that is undeniable.  Set a jar near the ice cream and don’t forget to sprinkle them all over those cupcakes and cookies!

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Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

We all loved snow cones when we were kids.  These days you have fancy Italian Ice vendors who prove that everyone still loves those frosty treats.  Give this snow come maker as a gift and you’re sure to bring back fond memories of summers gone by.  Just don’t forget to enjoy one of those cones yourself!

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Sparklers are a staple of every 4th of July celebration.  No matter your age, you simply must light a sparkler to celebrate the holiday.  Grab several packs of these timeless favorites and pass them around, then watch everyone have a great time creating designs in the air with them!

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Stars and Stripes Pinwheels

Pick up a few packs of pinwheels and either pass them around or stick them in the ground to line your walkway.  Either way, you’re going to be enjoying some serious holiday spirit while the local kids make them spin throughout the day.  Just one more handy way to show your Patriotic spirit on the 4th while enjoying the festivities!

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Tootsie Roll Flag Midgees

Tiny tootsie rolls with the American flag on them?  Everyone needs a huge bowl of these at their party!  Be sure to pick up a few bags for your own backyard celebration and enjoy the added bit of spirit they bring.  Just make sure to keep the kids from eating too many!

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United Oreos of America

Yes, we said it.  We’ve found Patriotic Oreos.  This should not come as a surprise, as we’ve seen pretty much everything over the years.  From Mint Oreos for St. Patrick’s Day to Pumpkin Oreos for Halloween.  No holiday would be complete without it’s matching Oreo delights.  Grab a few boxes and be sure to share!

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4th of July Wine Tumbler

Don’t risk your fluted glassware this 4th of July.  We all know how wild the celebrating can become, so be sure to grab some of these festive wine tumblers instead!  Keep your glassware safe and your friends laughing with this lovely gift and your holiday is sure to go much more smoothly.

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American Flag Earring Stud

We all have that one friend who has to go all out on a holiday.  From flag shirts to old glory socks, they simply turn into a red, white, and blue blaze of glory themselves.  For the ones with pierced ears, why not help them along with a pair of earrings perfect for the 4th of July?  They’re sure to love it!

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Patriotic AF Mug

This mug goes well beyond just the 4th of July.  Grab a few as gifts for your friends so they can show their love for their country all year round, starting this 4th of July.  They’re sure to thank you and appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

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RWB Chrocheted Washcloths

Do you have a friend of family member who absolutely loves to bring out holiday themed items?  Why not give them a gift that they can add to their holiday collection?  These crocheted washcloths are perfect for showing holiday spirit, while being practical as well!

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Patriotic Bingo

Get the whole family in on the fun with a set of Patriotic Bingo cards.  Heck, invite everyone at the barbecue and hand out some gift bags as prizes!  We’re sure you’ll have a great time celebrating the 4th of July while inciting a bit of competitive fun at the same time!

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Patriotic Inflatable Buffet Cooler

When it comes to making a bold statement, this buffet cooler says it all.  Inflate it and line it with ice to keep all of your drinks and cold dishes cool throughout the party.  Then deflate it and fold it up for simple storage when the festivities are over!

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Patriotic Leggings

Again, this gift is perfect for the folks you know who simply cannot help but dress up for the holidays.  These leggings will have them prancing around in style and allow them to really show their Patriotic spirit!

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In the Breeze Patriotic Garden Wind Wheel

If simple pinwheels cannot fill your need for patriotic flash, then grab a few of these wind wheels instead!  With three rounds on them, they’ll be spinning your holiday spirit all over and really allow you to show off your patriotic side.

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No matter which of the gifts and decorations you choose, you’re sure to have an amazing 4th of July.  Share the holiday with friends, family, and neighbors and make sure everyone gets home safe at the end of the night.  Have a happy 4th!

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