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Oct 11, 2018
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Gifts for National Boss’s Day

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Tuesday, October 16th is National Boss’s Day, and while some bosses are mean and scary and
make you come into work on time and keep your desk clean (how nasty of them!), most bosses
deserve to be celebrated. Our bosses (and their bosses, and their bosses, and their bosses)
actually make our jobs much easier. They do the heavy lifting; they have the tough
conversations; they keep ideas flowing; they shoulder the responsibility of keeping a company
afloat under financial and economic stressors; and most importantly they give us room to be
our creative selves and bring our A-game to the office each and every day. So let’s pay it
forward by treating them to a special gift on a day that’s finally all about them.

Cafflano Klassic Portable All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker

Gifts for National Boss's Day - All In One Portable Coffee Maker

OK forget my boss; where has this thing been all my life? This all-in-one coffee maker comes
with a bean grinder, pouring kettle, filter dripper (Are these even real words!?! Whatever, I still
want all of it.), an insulated tumbler, and a lid. Basically, it’s everything you need to make a
fresh cup-o-joe without ever leaving the comfort of your desk. What hardworking boss doesn’t
deserve that?



BottleKeeper 1.0

Gifts for National Boss's Day - Beer Chiller

Some days at the office are enough to drive you to drink (you didn’t hear that from me). That
seems to be why this BottleKeeper was invented. Store your beer bottle in this unassuming
stainless steel water bottle, and you’ll have a delightfully chilled beer at the ready for those
days when you just can’t deal. It goes without saying that you should be discerning when gifting
this to your boss. Cool bosses only, people.



Aromatherapy Diffuser

 Gifts for National Boss's Day - Aromatherapy Diffuser

Got a boss who is stressed? Congested? Stuck in a stuffy cubicle with no air flow? Maybe all of
the above? An aromatherapy diffuser can help address all of those issues and so much more.
This rose-shaped diffuser was a particular favorite of ours because its subtle design would sit
beautifully on a desk without being an eyesore. Pair the diffuser with your favorite organic
essential oils, and you can really help change your boss’s whole day around with some
energizing (or relaxing) scents.




Gifts for National Boss's Day - FitBit for Excercise

A Fitbit is a great opportunity to have the whole office (or department) pitch in for a quality gift
that will encourage your boss to take a step away from her desk every now and then and get
moving. In a role that often means you’re tied to a desk or the phone all day, a Fitbit can help
your boss count steps, track the amount of water they consume, and generally help encourage
them to stay healthy, which is hard to do under stress!




Gifts for National Boss's Day - Hydroflask

Hydroflask is a top-of-the-line brand that makes beverage containers that are versatile enough to
keep coffee hot for up to 6 hours, or keep ice water cold for up to 24 hours. Whether your boss
is all about “going green” and reducing waste, or simply wants a convenient way to carry
around their morning coffee, they’ll be sipping in style with this gift. Plus, it comes in a huge
variety of sizes and colors so you’re sure to find your boss’s perfect match.



Massage Chair

Gifts for National Boss's Day - Portable Massage Chair

If your office is notorious for furnishing your space with uncomfortable seating, consider
treating your boss to this massage chair. You can plop it right on top of that not-so-ergonomic
swivel chair and turn it into a Shiatsu throne.



Mini Putting Green

Gifts for National Boss's Day - Mini Putting Green

Nothing says “I mean business” like a mini putting green. Every Wolf of Wall Street, Don Draper,
and car salesman has one. Make your boss feel like part of the club with a 9-foot fairway of her
very own.



Sous Vide Machine

Gifts for National Boss's Day - Sous Vide Machine

I have no idea how to pronounce this gift, and can barely comprehend exactly what it does, but
after reading about it online, I’m convinced everyone and their mother needs one. It’s like a
swiss army knife – but for cooking. It tests meat temperature, boils water, and can probably
babysit your child if need be. It’s ideal for a gadget-loving boss who’s also a foodie.



Perfect Temp Tea Kettle

Gift for National Boss's Day - Perfect Temp Tea Kettle

Faster and more effective than microwaving a beverage or boiling water, this perfect temp tea
kettle is designed for optimal tea making. Often times, brewing the perfect cup of tea isn’t
convenient in an office setting (Yet another reason why I’ve petitioned my manager several
times for an office stove…), but this device solves that problem. Because, realistically, you
shouldn’t have an office stove…ever.



Countertop Wine Chiller

Gifts for National Boss's Day - Countertop Wine Cooler

Wine! The solution to every work-related problem! Long day? Have a glass of wine. Grouchy
coworker? Offer them a glass of wine. Clients hesitant to close the deal? Send them home with
a bottle of wine to think things over. Throwing an office party? Don’t forget the wine. Do we love
wine? Maybe we do! Do we think we need a wine cooler sitting on our office countertop fully
stocked at all times? Yes, we do! Is this gift actually for us or is it for our boss? That remains to
be seen!



I hope this list has inspired you to treat your boss to a little something special on National
Boss’s Day. Just remember, no matter what, your boss has your back. And someone who always
has your back deserves a gift that encourages them to unwind, treat themselves, and enjoy the
fruits (grapes are fruits…smashed grapes…wine) of their labor. Cheers, Bosses!

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