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Jun 21, 2018
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10 Great Gifts for Potterheads

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We all have at least one friend or family member who is obsessed with the Harry Potter series.  Be it the books or the movies, they are sure to have the entire series, protected like a cherished treasure trove.  We’ve brought together 10 great gifts for Potterheads in your circle and hope you get a chance to pass one or two on them.

Lumos Candle

This delicious buttercream candle, labeled Buttery Brew, is sure to calm the Potterheads in your life.  Watch their eyes light up like a flame when they open your gift and then try to survive the thanks.  Just be sure to stand back in case they attempt any spells.

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I’m a Catch – I’m a Keeper Mugs

For that Potterhead pair that you simply love.  Give them the gift of matching mugs to make them smile every morning.  They’re sure to thank you and they’ll find plenty of happiness in this practical gift.  Sure, practicality may not sound intriguing, but when you live in a magical world, practical becomes unique!

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Harry Potter House Trunk Sets

Looking to recreate the feeling of packing to go to Hogwarts?  These trunk sets enclose the entire HP series in your choice of House styles.  Are you a Slytherin?  Enjoy the matching colors of the book covers!  Just don’t forget to hide the trunk when not in use.

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Marauders Map Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket

Stay warm with this perfect piece of Potterhead memorabilia.  Your favorite HP addict will be delighted with the nice fringe on the edges and the perfect map replica it is woven into.  Perfect for reading their favorite series in front of a fire or sitting at a bay window.

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Wizard’s Chess Set

This chess set is not only the perfect gift for any HP fan, but a considerate one as well!  Show your favorite fan that you care about their strategy and critical thinking skills!  Then challenge them to a war of the highest order and pit your wits against theirs.

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Harry Potter Candy Crate

Potterheads young and old alike will enjoy receiving this candy crate as a thoughtful gift.  However, when gifting such a gift to a magical child, be aware that the headmaster of the house may not find it so amusing.  Sugar rush in a young magical being is nothing to be light about!

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Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter

Next time you attend game night, be sure to bring this great Trivia game along.  All of the Potterheads attending will be pleased and you can test your memory against theirs to see which of you is the true master of magical knowledge.

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Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal

Whether you wish to simply give an amusing gift, or use this decal to attempt to trick your favorite Potterheads into attempting to enter the Ministry of Magic, you’re sure to be happy with your choice.  Remember, though, to keep a mop nearby, as there may be spills and hilarity.

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Alohomora Spell Key Rack

Nothing says Potterhead more than a key rack based on a spell!  Give this useful and practice bit of magic to your favorite HP fan and watch as their world becomes just a tad bit tidier.  They’re sure to thank you next time they go in search of their keys, only to find them right where they belong!

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Cards Against Muggles

You’ve all heard of Cards Against Humanity, now you can enjoy a night of Cards Against Muggles!  Get together with a group of fellow Potterheads and let the hilarious antics begin as you play this bawdy and amusing game.

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Pick a gift and get on your way, or pick several and enjoy an evening of gifting.  No matter your choice, we know your Potterhead friends and family will truly enjoy and appreciate each thoughtful and sometimes useful gift in turn.

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