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Jun 21, 2018
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12 Awesome Housewarming Gifts

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When it comes to housewarming gifts, there are literally thousands of possibilities.  However, we don’t want to bring the fifth version of the same old gift, so we scour the racks and shelves, trying to find something unique as a gift.  We’ve put together a few gift ideas that are sure to be unique and get you a few grins.


We all have that one friend who is fighting to live a healthier lifestyle.  We’ve watched them try, unsuccessfully to find those veggie-based noodles for years.  Why not give them something that will ensure they never have to leave the grocery store disappointed ever again?  From Linguine noodles to Fettuccine noodles, they’ll be able to create their own veggie pasta every time!

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“YouAgain?” Door Mat

Bring a bit of humor to the party by giving your new neighbor this awesome doormat.  We all have those days where a knock at the door makes us want to hide and growl.  Why not just get it out there the moment they set foot on the step?  This doormat is sure to get a laugh from your favorite anti-socialite.

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Record Player

For the true music aficionados of the world, we have the record player.  Sure, many of us have moved on to CDs and DVDs, or even to Sirius radio.  However, we cannot forget those who still prefer good, old-fashioned vinyl.  Give them a chance to pull out those dusty old records and enjoy them all over again.  We’re sure they’ll thank you.

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Custom Stamps

Nothing says “This is our home and we’re proud of it” more than a custom letter stamp.  Not only does it save a bit of time on writing, but it adds some serious flair to the envelope.  Get one of these as a gift for the next housewarming you attend and you’re sure to be welcome back for your thoughtful and unique gesture.

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Don’t Fuck Up the Table Coasters

For those friends who you know are particular about their lovely wooden tables and counters, these coasters are perfect.  That is, as long as they are as forward as these coasters!  Let them make their feelings clear from the start by giving the gift of obvious regard for their well-maintained woodwork.  Just don’t forget to use one, or the gesture is going to be moot!

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Spice Jar Kit

If you have someone in your life who is avid about creating their own spices, this spice jar kit is perfect!  Help them to keep their culinary creations in perfect order and then enjoy the results.  You’re sure to be one of their favorite guests for dinner, as they’ll remember you every time they grab a jar while cooking their meals.

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Homesick Candle

This unique gift allows you to really show that you care.  We all get a bit homesick at times and showing your concern for their feelings is a lovely gesture.  Each time they look at this candle, they will remember how thoughtful you were and it will bring a smile to their face.

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Electric Winer Opener

Make sure that opening the celebratory bottle of wine is a snap with this unique and considerate gift.  With this electric wine opener, you’ll have to fear when the wine comes out, as it won’t be a pass-it-around game to find someone able to open the bottle!  Be sure they open your gift in time, though, or it’ll be a bit awkward later in the evening!

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Homeowner Tool Kit

Every new homeowner needs a basic set of tools for those quick-fix jobs.  Whether they are hanging pictures or leveling the washing machine, they’re sure to appreciate this practical gift for many years to come.  The kit even includes Allen wrenches, which we all have needed at the worst possible moments!

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Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Again, this one is for the folks in your life that simply love to cook.  Help them to get a bit more creative by gifting this outstanding cookbook to them as a housewarming gift.  If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, bookmark a few recipes for them ahead of time!  They’re sure to appreciate the thought.

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Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book

Show your sense of humor by giving the gift of laughter.  The Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book is guaranteed to provide more than a few laughs over the years.  Complete with a checklist for each sign-in and doodle space as well, this gift will be a humorous memory far into the future.

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DIY Light Box LED Sign

Have you ever wished you could create your own signs like the service stations do?  Well, why not consider a Light Box LED Sign as a housewarming gift?  This gift offers your friends the chance to send their message loud and clear, which should result in quite a bit of hilarity down the road.

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No matter which of these great gifts you choose, you’re sure to be bringing something unique to the party.  Don’t forget to bring a camera and grab plenty of pictures to send to them later as well!  Creating memories with friends is a wonderful thing and they’re sure to appreciate it.


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